Who are we & what do we do?

We love Jesus. We think he's worthy of all our worship. Everything else is detail.

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Who are we?

We are a church called HOPE who love Jesus, believe he was God, think that life is all about him, and want to worship him with everything in us. It’s that simple really.

As Jesus’ church, we are a community of imperfect people from different walks of life who together have this common bond — we have recieved grace and forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ.

And because we know God loves Exmouth and the East Devon region, we are on mission with God to tell his great story everywhere we go.

Some would say we are bonkers to believe all this, of course. You might be one of them! But I’m pretty sure if you got to know us you’d see there’s something here worth investigating.

What if Jesus really was God? That would make him the most important person you’d ever want to know!

Ian & Megan

Ian & Megan

The church is led by a team of quality people — and that team is led by Ian Jukes.

Ian & Megan moved to Exmouth with their 3 children back in 2009, believing that God had called them to come and serve at HOPE.

Ian’s main responsibilities are bringing vision, preaching and leading the team.

Megan is a busy supply teacher and full-time mum.

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Hope is a very evocative word. Very few people go through life without facing significant struggle at some point or another. Even those who breeze through life will eventually face the challenge of death.

Everybody needs hope.

The Bible says about Jesus in Matthew 12:21 that in his name the nations will put their hope.

Hope is not like wishing for something. Hope is stronger than that. Hope is the strength we gain for today, knowing for certain that things will be different tomorrow.

And the Bible presents Jesus as a certain hope for all who would believe in him.

He’s hope for the addicted. He’s hope for the poor. He’s hope for the religious and the self-righteous. He’s hope for the sick. He’s hope for the abused and for the abuser. He’s hope for the stressed-out. He’s hope for life after death. He really is the hope of the world.

That’s why we are called HOPE. Because it’s a word everyone can relate to and something everyone needs. It’s because we are a community of people who have found this hope in Jesus, and we want to invite the world to find their hope in him too.

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A Family of Churches

Although we are not part of a denomination, neither are we an independant church. We are part of a family of churches called Newfrontiers that was started by Terry Virgo in the 1960s when Christians from traditional denominations began to encounter God in fresh ways and started to seek an expression of church that was more in keeping with the New Testament.

To find out more about how Newfrontiers began and the values that hold us together, watch this short video.

Today Newfrontiers represents over 850 churches in 60 nations held together by friendship, common values, shared mission, and apostolic ministry.

Growing & Changing

As a family of churches we are constantly growing, and recently Terry has recongnised the need to release other leaders with similar apostolic gifting to serve and oversee the churches within Newfrontiers.

Newfrontiers is changing. Rather than being one family under the leadership of Terry, we are becoming a number of families under different leaders but who all still share the same friendship, values and mission.

Our church is part of a group within Newfrontiers called Commission led by Guy Miller and his team.

Together at Westpoint

One of the key ways we affirm these relationships is by gathering once a year at the Westpoint Arena just outside Exmouth with other Commission churches for an event called Together at Westpoint — which is 5 days of fun, teaching, worship and supporting church planting around the world.

As a church we make Westpoint a priority every year, because we want as many people as possible to get there and feel what it means to be part of this family of churches. If you’ve not been before, why not consider coming next year? It might change your life!